Friday, June 18, 2010

My Baby!

Okay I would like someone to explain how my baby got so big. In the last year my youngest, Jack, has grown about 5 inches. He loves to point out how he is taller than me now.

Jack will be 15 in a few weeks & just ended his years in middle school. Next year he will be a freshman at my old high school.

Before ending his middle school experience, Jack won a President's Educational Award. Here's a shot of him getting his award.


Besides being a great kid, he is living up to some of my musical expectations by loving bands like The Cure, the Violent Femmes & Bob Marley.

He was recommended by his language art's teacher for a program where he will be studying over the summer and taking a test in August to get credit for & skip 9th grade language arts. If he decides not to do this (it requires a ton of reading and doing reports over the summer) he will be in honors english at high school.

Jack has always had his own sense of style, I don't know too many kids with a top hat, but my Jack has one!



Here's Jack as he left his middle school.


Next up is driver's training...I'm gonna need more xanax!


Emily said...

The years really do go by quick Mimi! My oldest is almost 45 and my baby is almost 22! I have never taken xanax but there have been a few times when I'm sure it would have been beneficial! I know you are very proud of your Jack. Good luck with the drivers training! I remember every single heart palpitation I suffered!!! All 4 times!!! lol

Stellaluna and Pals said...

Not sure if I've commented here before but I know my little Stellaluna has probably chatted back and forth with your Oskar. :)
Your Jack looks like a seriously cool kiddo; he reminds me a lot of my theatre kids that I train/work with. And let me tell you, even though I'm just their/teacher/ honorary sister or mom, Xanax seems to be a requirement when I'm sending them of to college/theatre conservatories/big auditions. I can't imagine how I'd be if I'd birthed the little weasels!
But yes, your Jack looks and sounds like a stand-up kid! You must be dang proud!
-Jen, Stellaluna's mama

He & Me + 3 said...

OMword...I am feeling your pain sister. My baby is going to kindergarten. I will have an empty nest during the day. How do they grow up so fast. Congrats to Jack for the good grades and the opportunity. Wow

Sam said...

Big congratulations to Jack -- the Presidential award -- that's awesome!

Amy said...

Wow they do grow fast..

Good luck with the driving.. I am doing the potty training thing now..

slommler said...

Congrats to Jack!! And he looks terrific!!
What an awesome kid!!

Carolina said...

Love the top hat.
Congratulations to him (and you)! Well done. Great kid!

In the Netherlands you're only allowed to do driver's training when you are 18. Maybe if you emigrate to us right now... ;-)

Just Breathe said...

In the blink of an eye. Sounds like he is a really good kid :)
Driving, scary times! Congrats on his award. That is awesome that he will be going to your same HS.


Congrats to Jack. My baby will be 30 on Weds. I was sitting here reading your blog wondering when time passed. It seems like only yesterday.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I've managed to miss the whole driving thing. But there's still The Bell to go...yikes.

Yes, they do grow up too fast. It's not fair really. Hugs to you Mama!!!

moorebloglife said...

Mimi your sons arm (the doodled one) looks just like my going to be a junior next year 16 yr old daughter, why do kids do that? I think it is just annoy us parents! LOL! Hope he enjoys being a freshman next year.

K9friend said...

How wonderful! I'll bet you are so proud of him!


Beth in NC said...

Congrats to Jack! That is wonderful!

Hey, what does the child have all over his arm? Sharpee art? hee hee

Rachael said...

Oh my goodness! He sound like a great boy. I know it will feel like no time at all before I'm writing about a 15 year old, even though it's 11 years away.