Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Purple Cartoon Areolae

Huh...my 16 year old son, who will be a HS junior next year is on his summer vacation. He wanted to work on his summer vacation, but there was only enough work to last about 2 weeks. By the time they told him, most of the other jobs (the 3 that were out there) were already gone. Since his driver's training has ended & there are no jobs in sight he spends lots of time on the couch.

With that being said, I just went out in to the living room to talk to him. He is currently watching a cartoon called "Chowder." The part I saw had a small purple male cartoon blob wearing only underpants. The purple thing, named Chowder, has cartoon breasts with darker purple cartoon areolae. Really. The plot line revolved around the fact that Chowder needed to go pee, but was unfortunately trapped in the bathroom with 2 of his friends & couldn't go in front of them. The tall brown friend had breasts, but no nipplage, while the blue friend had a much flatter chest. I have no recollection why I originally went out there to talk to him.

My son is due to start advanced placement English in the fall. I can hear his I.Q. falling from here.

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Rachael said...

LOL! Because for some reason, cartoon aereoles are necessary.