Monday, July 14, 2008

Random Knowledge

Some random things about me. I'm sure many people will care.

1. I don't mind being 41, but I don't want to look 41.

2. I'm tired of being fat, but not tired enough to fix it once & for all. Why? Bad food tastes good.

3. I have the same sock-monkey pajamas as a successful writer named Jen Lancaster.

4. I have a odd love for bad pizza. Especially if it comes from a gas station.

5. I drink too much.

6. Some women I don't know make me angry when I just see them or even hear them. Included in this category are Shania Twain, Cheryl Crowe & Giada De Laurentiis. When I see Giada I uncontrollably yell out "big-headed whore" while looking for the remote.

7. I hate bread with pits in it.

8. I call most types of seeds, pits.

9. I call gloves, mittens & my full grown cats, kittens and/or schmittens.

10. I often make up songs I sing out loud to myself. On occasion they do involve mittens, kittens & schmittens.

11. I love living in Michigan, but wish I could live in one of many beautiful places that our state has instead of this strip-mall, subdivision hell known as Waterford.

12. I love Waterford.

13. I am way too lenient with my 16 year old son. My 13 year old doesn't get into any trouble...yet.

14. I almost always prefer the company of books to the company of people.

15. I find it hard to do anything without a T.V. on in the background.

16. I'm no where near mature enough for my age, but I'm not mature enough to care.

17. I think I may actually have enough balls to give a couple of friends a link to this blog.

18. If my Dr. makes me wait too long I steal a magazine. Today I waited over an hour & I stole the August issue of Family Circle. I should probably stop doing this.


LeaM said...

Thank God you got those balls & we can finally see you!! :)

Huge hugs my Michigan twin!!

Love you

I am STILL the Queen! said...


Girl you are nutz!!!! But in a good way of course, lol!

I needed this laugh right now - so thank you!! I have no clue how to put "links" on blogs. So you'll have to hold my hand and walk me thru it, k?

Keep writing - you always know how to crack me up! Love you!!!

keweenawkim said...

Thanks for sending me this, as I said before...I love what goes on inside your head. You have made me laugh as few people ever have. You write wonderfully. I especially wanted to thank you for these insights into you... some I knew, but some were revelations to me, all made me love ya more.