Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back To School

Today is here, make the most of it. This is my aspiration every morning. Read my bible, clean my house, make a great homemade dinner. Then the little devil on my shoulder whispers ‘take a nap, finish that bestseller, and the kids like frozen pizza!’ School work get shoved aside by web surfing & exercising gets traded for loafing. Motivation has always been one of my weak points and with age and body aches putting things off until tomorrow gets easier with each passing day.

I have a couple of things that will hopefully combat this. 1st Chris moved my computer & workstation from the kitchen onto our sunporch. This is a good choice for many reasons. The kitchen is in the middle of the house, and trying to focus while I could hear people yapping away on both ends of the house didn’t work for me. Also the sunporch, as the name implies, is full of windows that get the morning sun & a great breeze, where as my view in the kitchen was a wall…not inspiring.

Secondly, since the boys are going back to school next week I will have to start getting up earlier. My days of lying in the bed until 10:00 are ending. I guess even as an adult, back to school time signifies time to stop lazing around & get down to business. *sigh*

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