Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Trip To Henry Ford Museum

Being from Michigan we get to take advantage of Henry Ford's vision of an amazing museum & property, The Henry Ford Museum Museum & Greenfield Village are full of amazing historical attractions like Albert Einstein's original Menlo Park Labratory, war buildings & a working farm.

On the inside of the museum are amazing pieces like this one.  The chair the President Lincoln was sitting in when he was shot, along with an original playbill.

The Bus that Rosa Parks made her famous ride is there along with the Wright Brother's original plane.

This is the car (with a roof now) that President Kennedy was assisinated in.  The US Presidents continued to use this car for almost 15 years after Kennedy was shot.

Chris always likes the trains best & I oblige him by trying to ooh & aah over them every time!

Dubbed America's Greatest History Attraction I think they might be right.  If you're ever in South Eastern Michigan try to see Greenfield Village & Henry Ford Museum.


blueviolet said...

I went there on a field trip with my kids once and really liked it!

slommler said...

I too have been there and it is fabulous!! So much to see!
A wonderful location to visit!

The Bug said...

Spooky! I just read on another blog that the museum is going to have the original emancipation proclamation June 20th - 22nd & it will be free to the public. Here's the link:

I wish we lived closer - we'd definitely come up for that!

Amy said...

what a fun day.. I am feeling pretty good.. Thanks for asking me.. It can be hard on hot days though..

bigguysmama said...

That is such a cool place to visit. I didn't even know about it. Another good reason to visit Michigan someday!


ellie said...

What a great place to visit! :)