Monday, August 15, 2011

Project 365 Weeks 32 & 33

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I have a catch up to do so this is two weeks worth of pictures. 

Sunday, July 31 - Saturday, August 14, 2011

Sunday - no picture

Monday 8/1
Moe the kitty relaxin'

Tuesday 8/2
A huge bug came by to say hi

Wednesday 8/3 - no pic
Thursday 8/4
Some of our Flat Pets on the Expo floor at BlogHer.  They were in front a a huge bar of Ivory soap being carved at the Proctor & Gamble exhibit.  I have to say that P&G, especially the pet foods division showed us bloggers a fantastic time!  You can see Flat Oskar on the end.

Friday 8/5
The marina outside of my hotel window in San Diego for BlogHer.  It was a great conference, but my cell phone died, so I couldn't reach my blogging friend, Blue Violet, to meet up in real life :(

 Saturday 8/6
The amazing creme brulee that I had for dessert.  It was to die for!

Sunday 8/7 - I spent the whole day flying & running for planes.  No pics.

Monday 8/8
Fluffy Oskar meets Flat Oskar.  They seem to get along just fine!

Tuesday 8/9
Another batch of dog treats Oskar gets to taste test.  This dog has got it made!

Wednesday 8/10
Oskar saving me a seat on the couch.  After my trip I enjoyed spending down time with my buddy.

Thursday 8/11 - no pic

Friday 8/12 - no pic

Saturday 8/13
Just Chloe loafin' around!

Thanks to all of my blogging friends who have been hanging in there with me!  I hope to be back more often now that things are settling down.

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Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

looks like a fun trip and your fur babies make cute flat friends

Kelly L said...

Great pictures - Wish I could have met you at the Blogher
Great pictures!
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The Bug said...

I need to get a flat critter of some kind to take around with me one week - I think that's great fun. You know, I work in the birthplace of P&G - Cincinnati. I don't get any special perks though :)


Loved the pics. Looked like the trip was awesome. The cats were too cute. I loved Flat and Fluffy Oskars. Reminded me of Flat STanley. LOL XXOO K

Sweet Tea said...

Oh how I want that Creme Brulee.
Oh Yum!!