Friday, December 12, 2008

Sometimes It Pays To Have A Physical Deformity

Does anyone else get freaked out by some of the shows on the Discovery Health Channel. I would not be surprised to see titles like '400 lb. Tumor', 'My Face Was Ripped Off By My Dishwasher', & 'My Twin Lives Inside of Me'.

Actual shows I have watched on this channel are 'I Am My Own Twin' and one about various surgical instruments being left inside of people. Separating conjoined twins must be a real ratings draw, cause those shows are always on. Tonight features a show about a "mermaid girl" & coming soon is the story of 3 blind & deaf triplets.

And we will in fact be able to watch Michelle Duggar give birth to her 18th child (this one will be on TLC). About her I have often seen the phrase, "It's a vagina madam, not a clown car." I can't imagine this woman even needs to go to the hospital anymore. She had better be careful when she sneezes!

I'm sure the money from these shows help to offset medical bills in many of these cases, but somehow it seems to be taking voyerism to an ickier level (yes, ickier is a word).

Zoinks, here is the info from Discovery Health about a show called 'Electric Love':

A North Carolina anesthesiologist induces orgasms in women using pain relief technology. Follow three women who have never experienced orgasm through a clinical trial that unlocks secrets to the human brain's pleasure zone.

I bet they didn't have to pay women to participate in that study. I'm happy for those ladies, but I personally would not want millions of people tuning in to watch, ya know? raised eyebrows Pictures, Images and Photos


He & Me + 3 said...

Where do you find all this information? You are so funny.

Dee said...

Hi! Any warmer over there yet??

We don't get too many of these shows, if they do come, its usually late at night! Usually, I just can't watch them...