Sunday, May 29, 2011

Project 365 - Week 22

A week in my life un-filtered & un-retouched.

Sunday, May 22 - Saturday, May 28
Monday -
Chloe showing that size doesn't matter if you're a cat

Tuesday -
Oskar before his summer cut

A new, improved (and much less stinky) Oskar

Wednesday -
The super-burger my husband made himself for dinner

Thursday -
A word verification word that made me think all of the potti mouth words that I've been saying about Blogger lately!

Friday -
Our lilacs bloomed beautifully this year after Chris pruned them last fall, but the cold and the rain did them in almost as soon as they bloomed

Chris & I at Greenfield Villiage

Hop on over to Sara's blog to play along!

I also got this information from Kelly & wanted to share it with any of my readers who might not be on the bone marrow registry.  My husband & I did it a few years ago:

Hi! This is Kelly from I've Become My Mother. I am visiting you today to ask for your help in saving the life of a child... Please visit my site and link up to today's post - the link is below. Please post the post on your Facebook. We need to get word out about bone marrow donations... You and others can get tested simply by ordering your free kit and swabbing your mouth - it's that easy to save a life... Please join me to save Haley and others who need our help.. Thank you and God Bless!

Be A Donor Save A Life Urgent Request

Please click over & see how you can help.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Dad Book Giveaway

When Revell asked me to talk about what I think makes a good dad and giveaway a copy of this book I jumped at the chance.

My husband has stepped in and been a great step-dad to my sons at time when things may have been rocky with their own dad, but he has never stepped over or tried to cross that line.  He sets an amazing example for our sons.

Project Dad is a humorous and practical guide book written by a dad to other dads. Todd Cartmell’s warm and engaging style will have fathers laughing from the first few pages, and gives doable hands-on advice for becoming a better dad. This book will make an excellent Father’s Day gift!

Winning yourself a copy of this book is easy.  Just leave me a comment with a good memory about your dad or tell me what quality you think a good dad must possess.  Make sure you leave me your e-mail address in the comment so I can get back to you if you're the winner.

Contest will be open until Sunday 5/29 at midnight Eastern time. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Iams Loves Their Pets

I let you know that I was going to the Iams & Eukanuba Behind The Paw Influencer Summit a few days ago and I have to tell you that I had a wonderful time and met so many amazing people.

I think the first thing I have to address is the PETA video that is out there from 2002.  PETA has pasted together some horrible footage from an outside facility that Proctor & Gamble, Iams parent company, used for a period of time for a small portion of their animal testing.  This facility did testing on many animals from many different sources

Iams felt that the feedback they were getting about their animals at this facility, was not very good.  What they decided to do was hire a person themselves to oversee the care of their animals at this lab.  Iams wanted to ensure that their animals got proper care, stimulation and were being treated well.  The person that Iams ended up hiring was an undercover PETA operative, who took inflammatory video, mostly of dogs that were not Iams animals and swung the power of PETA against "big corporate America" for sympathy and to raise money for their cause.

At the end of this PETA video it asks for you to contribute to Fifi, an IAMS pet.  What PETA does not tell you is that Fifi was removed from the facility and adopted out to a loving family through the Iams adoption program.  Any money given to PETA for "Fifi" is not being used to help her.

I met and spent almost 3 days with Proctor & Gambles Iams/Eukanuba team including Jason Taylor, who is in charge of external relations.  What I want you to know more than anything is that the entire Iams family is deeply hurt by the lies that have been spread about them.  I met everyone from the president of Iams Eukanuba North America to the employees that work at the production plant and these people love animals as much as I do. 

Did Iams pay for me to Dayton to convince me that the PETA accusations are untrue?  In part, yes they did.  Were they successful in doing so?  Absolutely.  Do I want a fight with PETA on my little corner of blogland?  Absolutely not, but what I do want is my friends to know are my honest opinions. 

Iams research & development dogs are happy, exceptionally well treated, well trained dogs who are bought from reputable breeders, are AKC registered and adopted out to loving families at the end of their time with Iams.

I've got a lot more to tell you about my trip & I will in the coming days, mostly on Oskar's Blog.  This will be the only post in which I address the PETA video.  I welcome your comments, but if their not respectful then they will be deleted.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project 365 - Week 21

I've been gone from this great project for a couple weeks, but I'm back!  Blogger still has me locked out of this account from my own computer so posting to this blog is a huge pain, but for once I had a busy week & I want to share it with you.

Sunday 5/15 - Saturday 5/21

I went to my Iams/Eukanuba Behind The Paw Influencer Summit and had a great time.  Here's a silly shot of me getting ready to go bowling with the whole group at the conference.

The great party bus that shuttled us all over while we were in Dayton.

Sugar Cookie who gets to go to work everyday at Iams/Eukanuba!  She's a labradoodle who just got a haircut & looked like a baby lamb.

A super long earthworm Oskar wanted to eat after our 10 millionth day of rain.

Moe enjoying her new Eubanuba blanket.

Jack & his girlfriend Alexis, aren't they cute!

I forced the boys into a photo-op for mom, this was the best pic I got out of the bunch.  They were not in cooperating moods!

Check out Sara for all of the other P365 players!

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Husband Loves Me So Much!

Hi friends, my computer still has me locked out of my Blogger account! I’m so sorry I haven’t visited anyone in so long, between the computer trouble & the trip I just took to Dayton with Iams & Eukanuba I can’t get caught up, but I did want to share a quick post about how amazing my husband is.

He worked while I was away being wined and dined and then had to pick me up at midnight last night at Detroit Metro Airport about an hour away from here. Instead of complaining about having to get me, he was thrilled and proud that I was able to overcome my anxiety, gastroparesis & broken ankle and go by myself.

He was waiting for me in baggage claim and when I got to the van he had brought my pillow, a quilt, a Hostess cherry pie, a Diet Pepsi. I am so lucky & blessed.

I’m going to try and resolve this issue so I can visit you all & tell you more about my trip soon!

I'm in the middle of the picture in yellow!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Locked Out & Leaving!

While Blogger seems to be mostly fixed, I can't log onto this blog from my house!  It's been several days now & I can only access this from computers outside my house!

I'm leaving early tomorrow morning for my pet conference with Proctor & Gamble in Dayton.  I'm not a flyer & I have to fly alone, so I'm terrified.  Prayers & well wishes are appreciated!

I miss all of my blogging friends & hopefully when I get back from my trip, I'll have access again!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Blogger Won't Let Me In!

I have 2 blogger accounts, one for Oskar's blogs & one for mine.  Well for the last little while I can't log onto my Screaming Mimi account, Blogger won't let me log out of the other one!

I'm doing OK & hope to get this resolved soon, or else I'll come back to the library to try a real post!

Miss you!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Project 365 - Week 18

A look at my life un-filtered & un-retouched!

Sunday, April 24 - Saturday, May 1

Easter started out to be a nice day until I broke my ankle!  Luckily I had snapped more than my ankle & had gotten a shot of the amazing smelling hyacinths.


On Monday Chris stayed home to take me to the orthopedist.  I lucked out and got this nifty boot instead of a cast or a bulkier boot!

I didn't take a picture on Tuesday, but I think that this shot from my Cute Overload calender is adorable.

On Wednesday Chris made us this awesome pizza Margharita for dinner, yum.


Oskar has been asked to try a new line of Rachel Ray's Nutrish dog food.  It came in with a cute new food bowl.


Friday Oskar was sad because even though it was one of our first nice sunny days for weeks, we couldn't go for a walk because of my ankle.
Hmm, is my computer trying to tell me something?

I hope you all have a great week.  For more Project 365, stop by Sara's blog.

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