Saturday, July 3, 2010

Birthday Trees!

First off, I haven't been blogging much. Part of the reason is that I'm still having computer problems. The second reason is that I haven't felt like blogging. Not because I don't like it, but because I decided that the next post I do "should" be a picture-laden big post about my hubby's birthday and it seemed like a hassle so I've been avoiding it.

Then today I realized that I can post whatever. There's no right or wrong type of posts, so instead of stressing over what I didn't want to do, I'm just gonna do a post I do want to do!

Chris did have a nice birthday. He got Del Monico steaks and fancy cupcakes at a work picnic & was able to bring some of them home. It was heavenly.

With my favorite author, Jen Lancaster raving about "designer" cupcakes I was thrilled to try some of my own. They were cherry, super-rich chocolate, vanilla confetti & buckeye, which was chocolate and peanut butter. I included a pic of a half of a cherry cupcake with some frozen yogurt & chocolate sauce. Drool away.



I can't even describe the difference in these cupcakes from regular or grocery store ones. Even the vanilla with confetti, was absolutely delicious.

John, our oldest boy, is working at a landscaping place and found some clearance trees he liked. I told him they would be a perfect present for Chris' birthday, so John (JD) arranged for his real dad, (Asshat) to meet him at the place where he works & bring home the biggest tree in his pick-up truck. John & his girlfriend LeighAnne brought home the 2 smaller trees in our old mini-van.

They were going away for the weekend, so JD wanted to get the trees planted last Friday before Chris came home from work.


I loved that JD planned all this out and made sure they were taken care of before he left to surprise Chris, his step-dad. When Chris came home he was thrilled with his trees. JD had picked out 3 different trees that will blossom with beautiful colors in the spring, and he figured which ones should go where based on how much shade and or sun they needed.

Since we had to cut down our dying ash trees a couple of years ago, this was great. This one is a Japanese flowering cherry that will bloom white in our side yard.


A prariefire flowering crab that will bloom pink & attract hummingbirds.


And a huge Eastern redbud for the back yard. Look how tall it is next to our motorhome!


In case you can't tell it's about 4 feet above the motorhome. What normally would have been a very expensive tree. It will bloom pink also. Chris had to dig the hole next to this one, cause JD ran out of time.


Chris ended up having a great birthday weekend, with presents that he will enjoy for years.

Oskar also had his birthday on Monday and we kind of forgot until the last minute. I'll be updating his blog in a few minutes with his birthday story.

I hope you all have a great Fourth of July and remember that no matter how bad times are, we still live in the best country in the world!


Sam said...

I'm the same way with avoiding picture posts. I love taking the pictures an looking at them... but doing pictures posts DOES seem like a hassle, haha.

Happy birthday to your husband, sounds like he had a great one! :)

Emily said...

Wow, sounds like Chris hit it big this birthday! I hope there will be pictures in the Spring of all the blossoming trees! Wishing you and all your family a wonderful 4th of July!!

Amy said...

Wow a lot going on.. I love the trees. Wow they are big for sure.. I hope all is well. Have a great weekend..

He & Me + 3 said...

Trees are an awesome birthday gift. That was super sweet. also those cupcakes do look amazingly delicious. Let's totally do a Michigan/Ohio blog get together.

Sueann said...

What a great gift!!! Trees!!! Wonderful!! Happy Birthday Chris!!
And a happy birthday to Oskar!
Happy 4th

Jenn said...

Love the trees.... and how awesome of JD to get all this going!

Glad you had a good 4th! (Sorry I'm so late on this post!)