Sunday, March 20, 2011

Project 365 - Week 12

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My week captured thru my camera, un-filtered & un-retouched.

Sunday, March 13 ~ Saturday, March 19, 2011

For Breakfast I made myself a shake with coffee, frozen vanilla yogurt & chocolate sauce, yummy!

John David brought his pet rats home for a visit.  They live with his friends, cause Oskar & the cats heads would explode if they lived here.  They are pretty cute at this age, but they will get bigger!


Quorra - Monday
Jack, being Jack!

Hope that spring is actually coming.

Chloe enjoying her new window seat.  We put a birdfeeder right outside the window for bird-TV.

My poor desk needs a major cleaning, I just can't seem to get it started.

We had no power for most of Saturday, so Chloe helped Crhis read a book.

Hop over to Sara's blog to find out what all the other players were up to this week.


The Cyber Hermit said...

I think windows equal KittyTV for cats :). Mine love to get out there and stare for hours at all the things they don't know what they are...but they move so enticingly!

And the rats are cute :).

Amy DM said...

You have rats and I have snakes. We'd make quite the pair.

sara said...

my Lily's favorite spot in the house in the front window!

ok, I just have to ask the question...why a rat for a pet? ugh!

McCrakensx4 said...

Love that cat great is that, especially with Bird TV right there! And can't do rats, mice, hampsters...nothing!

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at that drink... chocolate sauce on almost anything makes me happy :)

I love seeing things spring up! Bring it on!!!!

RaD said...

Hay, no worries, my desk looks a lot like that! :)

Like the kitty TV you set up.

Dawn Parsons Smith said...

That coffee drink is calling my name!

Lori said...

love seeing the plants breaking through the ground

The Bug said...

That cat seat is really cool - love the pic of your fat cat enjoying the show. That coffee drink looks great - except for the coffee part :)

Love Jack's "look" there - it's very similar to looks that I sport all winter LOL.

LuAnn said...

EWWWWWW !!!! rats sorry they creep me.
The last blog I looked at just got a snake. I have the shivers. My son brought a rat home as a pet and I cried and made him take it back. So I say you are a better mom than me.

You cat - well now her seat cracks me up.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I see Silly Putty and Playdoh on your desk, lol!!! And my desk hasn't been organized since it was built - ugh! I feel your pain!!!!

I'm OK. Mostly.

Sueann said...

I am in an organizing frenzy right now...been tearing through the house. Now I need to hit the office and my studio. I plan on being ruthless!!!!!
Love the cat seat...perfect viewing!!

Robin Lambright said...

No power = great time to read!

Great week!


Liz Mays said...

I can see where that window seat would be a full day's entertainment for the cat.

Those rats are not cute at all. Icky! lol


shake looked yummy. Loved the one of the plants budding up. It was such a picture of hope for spring. Don't you think? I am tired of winter.

riTa Koch said...

You had the courage to post a 'state of the desk' photo. Good for you.
I started that some time last year, but it didn't last long. Thanks for the reminder. I have three MAJOR areas like that that need WORK.
Just recently I heard of rats making good pets. Sure are cute.
Fav pic, cat TV!

Ladynred said...

Oh! what a cute kitty looking out the window!