Friday, April 2, 2010

Thank You Glenn Close

The text in this ad reads:

"Glenn Close's sister Jessie and Jessie's son Calen have a disease. And even though their story is their own, it's far from usual. The fact is, one in six adults has a mental illness. The harder reality is that the ignorance that fuels the stigma associated with mental illness can often be the most painful part of managing the disease.

Glenn and her family chose to be national voices for the first campaign dedicated to fighting the stigma that accompanies mental illness. Because having a disease is difficult enough. Being blamed, or ostracized for having it, well that's just crazy."

The organization that is sponsoring the ad is Bring Change 2 Mind.

As someone who suffers from mental illness (bi-polar type II & social anxiety disorder) I have tried to share my story as much as possible, with the goal of removing the stigma from mental illness, if only from my little corner of the world. This national campaign is a great new start in the right direction.


Diane said...

awesome! off to check it all out!

Diane said...

i checkout out their facebook page. i'm gonna email you something i found there!

slommler said...

What a wonderful campaign. I too tell people that I am Bi-polar and they are not sure what to do with the information. There sure is stigma...and it is time to end it.
Thanks and thanks Glenn

Joy said...

BRAVA Glenn!

Pam, I had not heard one blip about this.

This is what we need: celebrities using their influence for GOOD.

Now if the media would just pick up the story!

And BRAVA Pam for posting this!

A Year on the Grill said...

i have heard this before... glad the word is spreading...
best to you

Just Breathe said...

Thank you for sharing this. My 28 year old daughter has OCD & BDD and so many people think you can just get over it! I will pray for you. Happy Easter.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Big hugs to you!!

Kerri said...

This is fantastic! It's about time someone "famous" put a face on mental illness! People think because they can't see it it's not there. Like some chronic illnesses. Ignorance.

Very cool post...thanks for sharing it!

Khadra said...

this is good news!

mental illness is a huge part of muy family's life. I am always willing to share and help people understandwhat we all go through.

Dirgesinger said...

A wonderful idea. I never understood why to label the "others". I have some saying originated dunno where, but its soo true: People cage in "crazy" people only because the "normals" are more in number... There is no thing like crazy. They are suffering humans and thats the only thing that should matter.