Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

I got up early & loved every minute of the royal wedding today.  It was a modern fairy tale that really brightened my day.  I avoided watching all of the hype leading up to the wedding, so that I wouldn't be sick of it and William & Catherine did not dissapoint me!

I broke my ankle on Easter Sunday falling down the stairs at my grandmother's house.  I actually missed the bottom step and came down on my ankle.  When I fell, I hit the wall with my head and a bowl that was hanging there landed square on my head.  I wish I could have seen myself sitting on the ground with a bowl on my head.  Once they knew I was OK, by teen boys got quite a laugh out of the site of me.  I'm in a walking bootie that is much better than a cast

I went and saw my friend and amazing artist, Diane from Good Morning Glory and she gave me some wise advice, tough love & hugs that I really needed today.  I love you!

Proctor & Gamble is flying me to Dayton in a few weeks to attend the Behind The Paw Influencer Summit for Iams & Eukanuba dog food because of my blog Pet Blogs United.  It will be a huge adventure for me to fly by myself and be gone for a couple of days, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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blueviolet said...

I'm so sorry about your ankle, but at least you have the memory of the bowl topped head to go along with it. :)

I miss Diane, but I know she's very busy with her art, and I'm happy for her!

SO exciting about your trip to Dayton!!!

Rachael said...

Sorry to hear about your ankle, what a bummer! Hope it heals fast! I watched part of the wedding this morning since my baby got up before the butt crack of dawn (he's crazy). She was beautiful!

Carolee Sperry said...

Yikes! Sorry about the ankle, but congrats on the trip!

Visiting from Friday Fragments.

Have a great weekend!

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Amy said...

Sorry about your ankle but congrats about your trip. Have fun!

Emily said...

My goodness! I hope your ankle heals really fast. Congratulations on your trip! Have a safe and fabulous time!!!! :)

Rebecca Jo said...

OH NO!!! Your poor ankle. I had a broken ankle one time & know that is one PAINFUL experience... mine was minus the bowl though :)

qandlequeen said...

So sorry about your ankle. Yes, the wedding was amazing. Now people are speculating how long it will take to see her pregnant.

K9friend said...

Hope your ankle heals quickly. It's no fun to get around with crutches!


Queenie Jeannie said...

OK, so now I know about your ankle. You poor thing!!!! I would not have laughed at you - promise!

So happy you got to visit a bloggy friend and it was great. Only a teeny, tiny bit jealously selfish about wishing it was me, lol! Hugs!

Look at you getting all famous and being flown around the country! You need to do another blog (like you don't do enough already, right?), so you can be flown to ITALY!!!

Love your face!

The Bug said...

Now a REAL blogger would have had one of those laughing teenagers take her picture :) Sorry it had to happen to you though...

I live, like, 20 minutes from Dayton! If you have any free time we could do dinner (I know how these things go & you probably won't have any free time - it's ok).