Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm The Sh!t

Hi guys, I overheard my youngest boy Jack talking to a friend today & he said, "My mom is the shit, she's the coolest."

Now the language is not what I would prefer, but I love that that's what he thinks of me.  He has told me that he is the only one of his friends who isn't always complaining about his parents. 

It makes me feel awesome that my boys love me & know how much I love them.  They are both really good boys.  Neither has ever gotten into any trouble and at 19 & almost 16 that feels pretty good.

I appreciate your comments and prayers for my grandmother.  She is still amazing the Dr's & was successfully taken off of the respirator yesterday.  I guess miracles do happen when you believe.


Brenda Susan said...

Yay for being the you-know-what!! Ha!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Yeah, I already knew that!!! But it's super cool that your boys think so too! Hugs!

Mimi N said...

It's so cool that your son thinks so "highly" of you! So glad to hear about your grandma! Praying she continues to get better.


Carolina said...

Ooookaaay, so shit is good.


To know.

I'm not surprised they think you're... uhm... wonderful ;-)

And I'm so glad your grandmother is improving. Hopefully she'll go on getting better every day. You're both in my thoughts.


Rebecca Jo said...

that's like the highest compliment EVER from a teenager... much less your OWN teenager ;)

Amy said...

Yeah... I am so happy to hear that your boys love you.. We all knew that but it is great to hear it. Plus they are in the teen years and that is when I knew I was not happy at times with my parents.. I hope my children feel the same way about me some day..

Glad to hear your Grandma is doing better..

Beth in NC said...

I'm sure that is a huge compliment in boy-dom. Congrats, I think. Ha.

Great news about your grandmother.

writergirldreams said...

I LOVE THAT!!!!! May I share more of da good shit with you? I was talking to my son about a comment someone made about me, how I have turned "lemons into lemonade" all of this breast cancer crap. My twenty year old son said "Oh no Mom, you turn shit into gold."

Hugs to you this morning Screaming Mimi! and here's to the children we adore.