Sunday, August 21, 2011

Project 365, Week 34

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Sunday, August 14 - Saturday, August 20

This is a pretty boring week!  All animal related shots that I was able to take while I was running around this week.  I didn't even get any shots of my boys this week.  Being teenagers either they are always gone, or not wanting their picture taken.


Chloe, my full figured cat.


Iams sent me a bunch of auction items for the animal charity group I work with Paws of Peace and out Crossed Paws auction.  We're currently raising funds to cover the surgery expenses of some great pugs.  There's jewelery, home items & pet items, so click over to the auction and take a look around.


This is from my Cute Overload calender, but I love the freckles on this pup's nose!

Moe sleeping.  I think the paw over her face makes it looks like she has such a tough life!


Oskar saying hello.


It's not a very good picture, but this huge bird was sitting on our fence.  It might be watching for the little bunnies that live in our yard.


Oskar & Chloe found rat TV fascinating!

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Loved the cats and Oskar pictures. Chloe was just too cute....hope you have a wonderful week. XXOO KK

semperfi said...

Love the rat TV!!! We have fish & bird TV with our cats.
Have a great week.

Rebecca Jo said...

HAHA! I bet that rat was feeling a little 'watched' :)

Liz Mays said...

You sure have a love for animals, don't you?

PS. So incredibly bummed that we didn't get to meet at BlogHer!

The Bug said...

Rat TV - LOLOL - they look so very INTENSELY interested :)

riTa Koch said...

Ha, ha, in the bird picture I had to enlarge it to know that wasn't a fire in the background. (I have fire seared on my brain.)

Amy DM said...

So many animals. Glad to 'see' you again. Hope you're feeling good this week.