Monday, November 7, 2011

Project 365 Week 45

I may be a day late, but I'm determined to get my P365 out there!

Sunday, October 30 - Saturday, November 05, 2011

On Sunday, Chris & I went to the town of Rochester and walked along the river there, did some eating and shopping & I took this picture of the little fountain we came across.


Here's the bouquet of fall flowers that Chris got me on Sunday.  Aren't they pretty?


Oskar soaking up some fall sunshine.  Don't look at how cluttered my house is in the background!


The roses outside of my treatment facility are still blooming beautifully.


A message I'm trying to incorporate into my life.


Oskar & Chris having a Friday night nap.  A great way to start the weekend.


Moe continuing the napping on a handmade quilt.

I finished up my program on Friday & feel hopeful that I can use the tools I learned to better manage my bi-polar :)

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Rebecca Jo said...

what a cute little building/area where the fountain is :)

Oh lady - you should see the clutter at my house - makes yours look spotty clean :)

LOVe that "vision" sign... LOVE IT!

sara said...

my roses are still blooming too.

That vision sign is great!

Praying for you as you incorporate what you learned into your life at home!


Loved those fall flowers and that place you went to in Rochester. I liked the vision concept. It is something we all need to incorporate into our lives. Oskar is so cute. I love seeing his picture. Have a wonderful week my friend. XOXO KK

Queenie Jeannie said...

You have an amazing husband! And he has an amazing wife!!! Hugs to you!

Liz Mays said...

What a positive feeling this post has. I'm glad that you're feeling good about the treatment, and that you have such a great hubby!

The Bug said...

I thought I posted a comment, but I don't see it, so here goes again...

I agree with everyone else, but I think that Oscar steals the show - he looks so regal with that bit of sunshine on him. :)

Amy said...

Wow love all of the photos.. The Flowers are so pretty.. I love taking a nap when I can.. Oh that dog is just so sweet. Glad you are coming by for Round Robin.. Thanks..

Sueann said...

The photos are wonderful!! And the flowers are gorgeous!!
Be well sweetie!

Mimi N said...

I love that fountain setting. Reminds me of Leavenworth in WA. Those flowers are gorgeous. Oskar was like me last week trying to soak up the sun and trust me, if that's your idea of clutter, you ain't seen nothin' til you come to my house! That rose is absolutely beautiful! I'm so glad you were given tools. Just take each day as it's own and keep looking forward.


riTa Koch said...

Congratulations on finishing the course! May you continue to be so encouraged with your renewed vision!
Love the flowers and Oskar :)