Friday, March 13, 2009

The State Of Michigan Would Like To Apologize

The people who run Detroit are crazy. How embarassing to be from a state where the mayor of our most (in)famous city is a huge pimp-daddy, affair-having, text-messaging crook.

As if that's not bad enough we've got batshit crazy Martha Reeve from the Detroit city council complaining about the free concert Jay Leno is giving here. Being batshit crazy is a requirement to be on the Detroit city council apparently. Just a couple of days ago we had another esteemed member of the council break into a loud & off-key version of "Onward Christian Soldiers" when nobody would listen to her. Now I'm all for a good hymn, but maybe these clowns could actually concentrate on something like saving the fricking city, instead of singing!

Anycrazy, Jay announced that he was coming to "Detroit" to put on a free concert for the unemployed. In case you haven't heard Michigan is kinda screwed due to the whole auto industry collapsing thing. Jay's folks called the people at the Palace of Auburn Hills about his free concert. The Palace agrees to donate the venue & parking for free. They contact Pepsi who agrees to provide free beverages & snacks. Leno said the whole thing was arranged in about 45 minutes. Awesome!

Now Ms. Reeves in calling Jay on the carpet because he is coming to Auburn Hills instead of Detroit. Auburn Hills is part of what is called the metro-Detroit area. And seeing as the Detroit Pistons play at the Palace it's really not that much of a stretch.

Martha Reeves is also upset becasue she wants to go to the concert, but can't since it's only for the unemployed. Hopefully she will do us all a favor & quit, so that she can go to the concert.

There are tons of hard-working amazing people in Michigan & some of the most beautiful scenery you will ever see. 99.9% of us in the state are embarassed by the craptastic headlines we continue to make. We need to blast all of these people out of office & pray the city of Detroit actually gets some leadership that will focus on helping the people & the failing industries, instead of lining their pockets, breaking the law & making headlines for being nutjobs!


Joy said...

Amen, hear hear, and BRAVA!

Jennifer said...

I read about this in the paper--why doesn't she just let the guy give his FREE coonert w/out hassling him!?!

AndreaLeigh said...

wow, what a terrible thing to complain about. jay is doing a great thing!

Amy said...

Good for you to blog about this. I CRINGE every time I click on the Detroit News or Free Press or I watch tv. We have so many idiots in office here in MI it's pathetic.