Sunday, May 3, 2009

True Elegance

While shopping with my new friend Joy from Joy To The Blog we stopped at Michael's Craft Store. (I have recently met 3 great blog friends in the flesh, but I'm saving that for something else.)

Anyway, Joy & I came across these dazzling and sophisticated home decorating items. Behold...


Decorated animals in random costumes. Cow as ballerina with an odd rust color clump of hair, Bull as cowboy, Sheep as a sleepy sheep & Duck as leather biker guy.

This shot is really good because you can see the lovliness of the cow's hair and the idea for more hideousness decorating options.


I'll just let this one speak for itself.


Here are more decorating ideas from the kits


You can buy the blank animals along with a "outfit" kit, but why do that when the ones that are already made up and mangled (the sheep had no eyes) can be your's for a mere $29.99.

I think I know what I'm offering up for my next giveaway!


Diane said...




cuz dressing geese got boring?

i'm glad you and joy hung out today! i hope you had fun!

things are weird here...

Joy said...

These are truly the very definition of grace and elegance.

Brittany said...

Just, wow.

So, is this like Build-a-Bear for crafters?! :)

Carolina said...

Gosh, I'm almost speechless. Do people actually buy that? Hmmmm. Thanks for the laugh ;-)

piecemeal people said...

Oh, man. I love me some Michael's, but they've clearly missed the mark here. And for $30 bucks?!?!?