Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 ~ Week 4

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My week captured thru my camera, un-filtered & un-retouched.

Sunday, January 16 ~ Saturday, January 22, 2011

On Sunday Chris decided to get out the Weber and make some chicken wings in the snow.  I was visually pleased by the assortment of Buffalo Wild Wings sauces we have amassed.  As any blogger mom knows my family moaned while they waited to eat and I had to line up the sauces for my 365 photo!

My son Jack.  He insisted that I take this picture and dared me to post it.  Here you go Jack, lol!

Oskar enjoys the re-hydrated food he's sampling from The Honest Kitchen.  It's used as a "topper" or suplement to his regular food.  (I added pieces of chicken to the plate also)

Cookie dough.  Cooking it is overrated.


Proof that there is some level of organization happening here!

11 degree weather & warm Diet Pepsi makes for a fun Oskar fountain.

Chris made us this pizza from scratch, damn it was good!

I love this project & it's not to late to join Sara for Project 365!

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RaD said...

Just wanted you to know I did not see your link on Sara's blog either. I have that trouble almost every week and have had to enter my link up to six times before it took. Soooo frustrating, but this week I only had to do it twice.

And yes, I agree, some days cooking is definitely over-rated!

The Cyber Hermit said...

I agree that cooking cookie dough is also overrated. Cookie dough is just fine all by itself!

And that pizza looked gooooood :).

And I loved your comment about the not-so-smart fiber:). It's already making an appearance and trying to escape with the Spring graduate requests...

Carolina said...

What a fun meme. The pizza looks delish!

McCrakensx4 said...

That pizza looks DELISH...yum! I heart any kind of pizza! And that pic of your son is too funny...what exactly was he doing anyways? (do I want to know?! lol) My kids do that does my hubby come to think of it! It's all about the blog that's for sure! My hubby would love to try all of those yummy wing sauces...too bad I am not into cooking! lol Have a great week!

Emily said...

Love that cute fun-loving Jack! Life at your house must be loads of fun! Oskar looked excited about his yummy food! And I would have been excited if my hubby had fixed a homemade pizza!!!! Keep the fun times rolling! :)

sara said...

I did not know that you guys have trouble linking up!! I will have to ask around. I switched to simply linked because it was easier for me, but I don't want it to be frustrating and then miss someone!!!

your pizza looked A.MA.ZING!!! yum!!!

The Bug said...

That pizza looks really good - although I'd have to pick the olives off (blech). Oskar is just the cutest thing. Oh, and cookie dough NEVER gets baked around here :)

Lori said...

Cookie dough is calorie free right? Love that goofy pic of your son... never dare a mom to have a little fun at a child's expense! Have a great week!

Alicia The Snowflake said...

Silly Jack!

What, you're supposed to cook cookie dough?!?!?!

(((Hugs))) my friend!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Great pictures!!! Are those artichokes on that pizza?? Yummo!! It's very big like that over here. You HAVE TO try REAL Italian pizza! So gooooood!!!


Oh I so loved your pictures from this week. The Wing sauces was great...and the pizza looked just like one I had and loved in Italy. Hope you have a great week my friend. XXOO K

Rebecca Jo said...

That pizza looks like the BEST PIZZA EVER!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!!

And yes, why bother COOKing cookie dough? Its so much better when it just dissolves in your mouth!

I love Oskar getting a caffeine fix :)

Do you know I've never even BEEN to Buffalo Wild Wings? Did you just gasp?

Amy said...

That Pizza looks amazing.. I want some. My Dad makes pizza like that and I love it.. Your son is just a silly teen.. I loved it.. Have a great week..

momma frans said...

hahaha, I love that you put SOME level of organization. let's not get carried away. ;-) and I echo what pretty much everyone else is saying...that pizza looks fabulous!

Rubie said...

My mum would like the pizza recipe please, it looks pawsome! Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

rita said...

The pizza, the cookies, the organization, and Jack's hair! WOW!
My grandson would love that hair.

Susan said...

Awe, the little puppy looks so cute licking his lips for the food.

Ladynred said...

love those wings sauces..Yummy