Saturday, January 1, 2011

Still Looking Forward, But In A New Way

I just realized that I spend all of my time looking forward.  Despite that fact, I never make or have goals for myself.  They way I look forward is with anxiety, worrying about what might happen 5 minutes from now or 5 years from now. 

This leaves me in a reactionary position when life throws me one of it's curveballs.  I don't enjoy the moment or plan to succeed in any future way, I just hope for things not to go horribly wrong.

Wasting time much, Mimi? 

I've never been an optimist and don't come from a family that contains optimism, as a rule, so I'm going to try making baby steps towards changing my thinking, planning to succeed, and trying to enjoy the moment.

I don't consider this a resolution, I always fail at those, just a goal for the future.

May 2011 be your best year ever, friends!



God bless you my friend in 2011. Happiest of New Year greetings and many many good moments. XOXO

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hugs honey!!

I believe that if you even had an INKLING how special and powerful you were, you'd quickly come to appreciate your worth like the rest of us who know you do!!!! Baby steps - great plan! I know you can do this!!

Happy New year!

CindyLu's Muse said...

Ditto! And you know what? Fake it til you make it, if you lack the knowledge of your greatness. Pretend you're someone you want to be - and poof! One day you look in the mirror and find yourself saying Hello, Self! lol
A trick for the worry thoughts is simply asking yourself - what's the worst that would happen if my worry came true? Chances are, it's not really as awful as it feels. Especially if you take it one step further, and ask yourself what you would do to handle the "worst" situation. Yeah, a conversation in your head, but it can work!
May you have the best year you've ever, ever had!!

slommler said...

May 2011 be your best ever too...Happy New Years!!!
I used to be a worrier but no wasted so much of my time and the stress!!!!!!!! OMG! Awful!!
I have better things to do!!
Hugging you honey