Monday, June 15, 2009

Pomp, Circumstance & Disaster

Well I don't know where to start. Saturday, my graduation day, started out wonderfully. Chris got up before me, picked me some roses, with a beautiful card & put together a page of bible verses that pertained to me & my future. He made me breakfast & even picked out an outfit to wear, since I hadn't done that yet.

Lunch at my mom's went fine & Chris brought me a dozen yellow roses. Then we were on to the church where the commencement was held. After being nervous I was lined up with a nice guy why chatted with me so I forgot to be anxious.

Just as I was waiting to get my scroll (they didn't give out the actual diplomas) I even felt excited & proud. All the negativity I had been feeling for the past couple of days was gone & I was just excited to get to my friends & family.

After the ceremony I went right to find my family. Apparantly Jack, my almost 14 year old, had gotten up in the middle of the ceremony to use the restroom & instead of going down the side aisle, he walked right in front of the stage (and the walking graduates) and down the center aisle. Somehow I didn't see him, but it was a big faux pas. He was scolded by Chris & my parents & was embarassed & sorry.

After the ceremony Chris went up to his big boss (Chris works at the college I graduated from) the president of the college & apologized for Jack. I went up & said I didn't see it but that Jack was sorry. Well Mr. Big Boss went on to call Jack up to where we were, pointed his finger in his face & actually yelled at him about how disrespectful he was, and how rude he was. I was way too stunned to even respond.

We apologized to Jack, but he felt like Chris was taking his boss' side over his. It turned into a huge yelling match between my sons & my husband. John David even stood up for Jack (which he never does) and ended up cursing at Chris & saying things that were hurtful, out of anger. This was in the van on the way home & I just cried & tried to get them all to stop.

Chris & Jack worked it out once we got home, but there are a lot of hurt feelings on all parts & I just feel torn up that the ones that I love most had a fight like this, which has never happened. It just feels like theres a big lumpy bruise in the middle of my family.

I wrote to the president of the college and let him know that he was out of line & ruined my graduation day. He wrote back & apologized profusely.

That's the story of my big day. Maybe tomorrow when I'm feeling better I'll post some pics of the graduation and all the lovely flowers. Besides the roses Chris got me my parents got me a lovely sunflower plant. I hope in time I can look back on my graduation with happiness, but the memory of the whole day just has a huge black cloud over it.


Jenn said...

Sorry I didn't comment sooner (I was in Ohio this weekend)... Mims, I'm SO sorry to read this... sad for you. I hate that something to celebrate this incredible completed task in your life is marked with something ugly.

I am so proud that you graduated and you walked!! For both you ('cause I think it's a big deal), but also for your sons to see! You are a true inspiration, and I pray that you have a wonderful day!!!!

Jenn said...


~Jamie said...

Oh how dreadfully horrible! I hate when people make a big deal out of NOTHING. Like that one kid walking down the aisle made a BIT of difference at the end of the day, ya know?

I'd be PISSED at my husband for even bringing it up to the head honcho though... like dude... it happened, it's over--what more can you do about it? Why make a mountain out of a molehill to the president? Chances are he didn't even notice it happening, and now you guys will be awkward forever!

Especially after you sent him the note! ZOMG! That was brave-if my husband had a boss no way would I ever do that! You go girl!

I hope it all works out okay in the end. The family stuff will heal, but I would be mega worried about the riff between you and hubs boss!

lagirl said...

Well, DARN!
It seems to me that there was no intent to be disrespectful. Who has never made a mistake?? And, he's just a kid. Good Grief!! So sorry, MiMi. I personally think this should've been laughed off. Hope the whole thing seems funnier to you tomorrow, GF.

Congrats on your Graduation.
Thats a BIG DEAL and I'm so proud of you!!

Furry Bottoms said...

NO WAY!!! That is just horrible about Chris's boss!!! I am so sorry this had to happen on your graduation day of all days.

Look back on this day as an accomplishment anyway and be thankful you did not see Jack out front or you WOULD have had an anxiety attack, and that would have had been a lot worse, do you think? You could look back on this day as a good day because you were so worried about freaking out at the ceremony and you DIDN'T. To me, that is HUGE. I suffer anxiety attacks among other things so I think maybe I understand.

Sending you sunny thoughts and happy vibes!!!

Lynnette said...

Im sorry this happened to you. Big huge {{hugs}}for you!

Sara said...

I hope a silver lining comes out of the dark cloud. Sorry that happened. I personally don't see the big deal with his little faux pas. My stepmom made me go back and shake hands with the superintendent at my graduation so she could get the picture cause she missed it on the first go around. Several hundred people laughing and my classmates snickering, but she didn't care and neither did I. It made the front page of the local newspaper.

These things work out. Big hugs!

Diane said...

14 year old boys (and girls, for that matter) are so unaware of their surroundings - in their own little worlds. i don't see this as such a big deal.

it sounds like it really got blown out of proportion.

mr big boss was really out of line!

but hey! you graduated! AND you forgot to even be anxious! and you felt proud of yourself - if even for a minute. that minute is just practice, you know. keep practicing because you have a lot to be proud of.

Mama Nut said...

OMHeck! I cannot believe this. I would be upset with the president of the college as well. Sometimes I think adults are too hard on kids. Plus it sounds like Jack was already feeling bad about it and who knew the unspoken rule about what aisle to walk down, anyways? Hopefully the good memories will overcome the bad ones.

Beth in NC said...

Isn't that just like satan to steal joy from such a wonderful occasion? I'm so sorry!

I'm proud of you for graduating. Yay! I hope you'll share your pictures with us.


Anonymous said...



Oh sweetie! Bless your heart. I don't know what to say. (((hug)))

Liz Mays said...

It sounds like an innocent mistake was blown up way beyond the point of necessary. It was an accident! I'm sorry there was a cloud over your day but other than that, it sounds like it went well and congratulations!

Carey-Life in the Carpool Lane said...

Oh, how horrible and not at all what you expected to happen on what should have been a happy day.

Good for you for saying something to the president...he behaved inappropriately for sure!

Give it time with your family...and it will probably heal itself.

Sarah said...

This is my thing: Why, when there is already so much stress, turmoil, and despair in this country (and world) must people make such big deals about "trivial" things? Yes, he walked in the wrong spot, but scolding him and going on and on about it WAS uncalled for. You were justified in your letter to the President. Perhaps some anger management...or just perspective would do him some good. I am sorry that what should have been a minor mistake that could have later been laughed at turned into a blow out and damaged the day overall. What a bummer. I just think people need to appreciate everything they have and kick negativity to the curb! We need nothing but positive thinking these days! Congrat anyway, I'm SO glad your anxiety diminished :)

myonlyphoto said...

Oh sorry to hear that your graduation did not worked out. BTW you had that negative feeling days happens to me sometimes too, and bang bad stuff happens. I am sure it will all work out, and may be you will laugh at it one day as oppose to be angry. Anna :)

He & Me + 3 said...

Aww Mimi, I am so sorry that that had to happen. That would totally make me feel bad too. But once they make up & things are back to normal, you will be able to look back and be proud of your accomplishment.
So glad the president apologized...that was just rude of him.

Mamarazzi said...

oh no...that is not a good way to end such a wonderful event.

i hope you are feeling better today and will post pics soon!!

BrnEyedGal said...

From someone who suffers from anxiety as well...Im so happy you did well and did not feel anxious at your graduation.
On the other hand, Im really sorry for all the craziness that happened as well!!!
Isn't that just the way things seem to happen sometimes? Bummer.

Have a wonderful day.... :)

Anonymous said...

Well great job on graduating! But that totally blows about the rest of the day! I was glad to read that you emailed the ass who yelled at your son. Seems like it was unnecessary. I hope you will still post pictures. Maybe letting us see will help you feel like celebrating all over again!

Carolina said...

Gosh, I'm sure Jack didn't mean to be disrespectful. Just a small mistake. Blown out of proportions.

But hey, all good parties end in a fight ;-)

And congratulations on your graduation. Well done! Big kiss and a hug from me.

Furry Bottoms said...

Why do they call it Pomp and Circumstance? They should call it something more like Work Hard and its Consequences!

Rachael said...

Yuck that stinks. I am glad it got resolved, but it sounds like a crazy and difficult day.

FranticMommy said...

I am so sorry Mimi. I know how you feel. Hang on to the "golden" moments of that day, your pride, the roses. The rest will smooth out on it's own. So sorry it escalted like that. You still should be VERY proud of YOU.

Melissa aka Equidae said...

remember the good things that happened and hugs---they are the perfect tonic. thanks for visiting my blog

blogbrarian said...

Sorry I haven't been reading blogs in a while so I missed your post. First off, congrats! Good for you! You worked so hard and your graduation day sounds like it was just stressful. I hope you can just remember that all things will work out in the end. You should still very proud of yourself. Oh, and by the way - way to go, writing the president and telling him he ruined your day. Go you!!!