Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey! Look Me Over!

Tell me do ya like what ya see!

Yes I borrowed from Prince a little there, but I'm just so excited about the new look of my blog I needed to sing!

A couple of weeks ago I entered a contest put on my Shera at
There's A Frog In My Soup that I found on Christian Women Online. Shera was giving away amazing blog design packages from her other website Sweet and Simple Design.

I was lucky enough to win the gorgeous layout you see here. I pestered Shera with a million questions & she calmly answered every one of them and made my blog perfect. I think she had so much patience with me because she's used to dealing with her 6 boys under 12 including a pair of 2 year old twins.

If your layout is looking a little less than stellar, stop by & take a look at what Shera has to offer. You won't be sorry!


Amy said...

I have blog envy. I'll continue to read your blog, but I'll be jealous every time.

Queenie Jeannie said...

Hey "Trixie"!!!!

Girl, your blog looks amazing!!! I have seen so many pretty blogs lately and every time I ask for help on mine - no answer!

Soooo.....HELP ME WOMAN!!!

I want backgroud, new header, wider layout, etc etc etc just like you!!!!