Monday, October 20, 2008

Outside My Window... Beautiful leaves starting to blanket the grass.

I am thinking... I wish they would finish cutting down the tree already! Some neighbors have had chainsaws going since 7 a.m.!

I am thankful for... My warm house as this weather is getting colder and so many people are losing their homes.

From the kitchen... Apple cobbler & pork chops.

I am wearing... A t-shirt that says "not all who wander are lost," and sweats.

I am creating...
A better social network.

I am going... Nowhere, DH's car is in the shop, so he has my van today.

I am reading... One Fifth Avenue by Candace Bushnell.

I am hoping... To ditch this flu that popped up yesterday.

I am hearing... Moe, our tortiseshell cat, snoring. I swear this cat could wake the dead!

Around the house... Putting away lots of laundry. (For the second week in a row!)

One of my favorite things... Cross stitch.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week...Working on my new devotional blog.

Here is picture thought I am sharing... A praying mantis the boys found on the porch, blech.


Thank you to Peggy at ~The Simple Woman~ for this great daybook idea. You can visit her here


Sleepy Cat Hollow said...

Ooohh...I would like a tshirt like yours ~ "not all who wander are lost". Great saying.

And am spying that puppy Zya over on your Daily Puppy...says Aussie Shepherd, but she DEFINITELY has English Springer Spaniel in her! What a cutie!

Maggie Ann said...

sorry to hear you have the flu! Hope you have a quick recovery. I hope, in spite of the laundry and all, you get to lay about on the couch and watch a favorite movie or two or read. Thats the positive side of being sick for me. Might as well look on the sunny side if I can find it right?!=)

He And Me + 3 said...

Love the new blog look! So cute! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Mary Lutz said...

I REALLY like your blog! You write from your heart, as do I!

And I really like your background!

I found you on Michigan Mamas and will leave a reply on there too! But I thought you'd like a comment on your blog. I know I do! LOL.

I am going to add you to my RSS feed too! See ya round the net!