Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I have a couple of different uses for coffee filters.

Wrap a filter around a hard taco for your little one. It keeps things from hitting the floor & holds everything together if the shell breaks.

Also put a coffee filter in the bottom of a pot your are putting a plant in. The pots that have the holes in the bottom for drainage can let the soil out if the hole is too big. A filter keeps the soil in while still allowing the excess water to drain.

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Rebecca said...

I like those ideas! I'm thinking there are lots of things I can put the filter around for my kids - thanks for the tips!


Danielle Says Hello said...

I have a green thumb and have never heard about this tip...I love it. I am about to plant some rosemary in my sun room so I read this at just the right time. Thanks. BTW...I love all your ghosts ;)

Katey Magill said...

Those are great tips for repurposing coffee filters. This would be a great post for twice-the-fun-tuesday if you want to leave a link there too!

amy said...

I love the plant tip - why didn't I think of that? Your ghosts theme for your blog is too darn cute.

Blessed Nest said...

great tips...so many come in a package! Love the Taco idea!