Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Summer Sickness Sucks!

Being sick in the end of summer is not fair. I will therefore proceed to whine about it. Of course I'm lucky, as this is just a little bit of flu, but there should be a law that we can only be sick when it's wintery & yucky outside. Not when it's sunny and nice out.

I'll be around to say hello to all of my bloggy friends tonight.

And for all of us teenage girls who swooned over him and then swooned again when he faced cancer with courage...

Rest In Peace, Patrick Swayze.

Patrick Swayze Pictures, Images and Photos

I hope he's in heaven having a dance off with Chris Farley. (Sorry for the poor quality video, it was the only one I could embed.)


blueviolet said...

It is very sad. He was a class act, which is hard to find in Hollywood.

Diane said...

i've been sick too. but it's because i've been inhaling masonry paint for a couple days. not on purpose! hahaha!

basement floor is almost done!!

love that video! classic!!

hope you feel better soon! i heart you!

Cherie said...

Patrick Swayze will definately be missed! I love the SNL skit - I SO remember when that first aired and it is still sick and funny as anything!!

Hope you feel better soon. I agree flu when the whether is nice totally sucks and I have heard of so many who are getting it too.

Feel better!

He & Me + 3 said...

I love that skit...too bad they are both gone. Chris was so funny and Patrick was just a great actor. Very sad. Thanks for visiting me so much tonight...it was fun to hear from you.

Joy said...

He was awesome. And seemed like such a head-screwed-on-straight kind of guy.

Queenie Jeannie said...

I'm sorry you are sicky-poo!! Have some of your awesome soup and get better! Don't forget about the BEAR HUGS!!!!! :-)

~Sandy~ said...

I hope you get to feeling better very soon. I had that stuff last week and felt so bad, but this week I feel like a brand new person. I hope you will too very soon. ((hugs))
I hated so bad to hear about Patrick.I loved him when I was a teen.

Rebecca Jo said...

That SNL skit is a CLASSIC!!!!