Monday, November 23, 2009

Fake It Till You Make It?

Blogging used to be something that I loved doing. For the past week I haven't loved doing anything.

Whatever made me sleep a million hours a day has sapped all of my energy & interest in doing anything and everything.

Right now blogging feels like something I have to do, so I probably won't be doing it much for awhile. It's not really something you can pound out if you don't feel it.

This doesn't feel like a swing of my bi-polar, because I'm not particularly depressed. I just don't want to do anything that I used to love doing. I have no interest in food, reading, blogging, crafting or any of the other things I used to enjoy doing. It's like it all slipped out of me last Thursday and I can't figure out what the hell is going on.

Nothing significant happened, there's been no change in my meds, just some type of exhaustion, a funk.

I really just keep hoping to wake up in the morning and feel like doing something, anything. Hopefully tomorrow will be that day.


Denise @ Sunflowers, Chocolate and Little Boys said...

You are in my prayers Mimi...and you have my email if you need a friend <3

Diane said...

i don't know about you, but the weather isn't helping. maybe that's part of what's going on.

take some time and just chill. and know that you are loved! here if you need me!!!

this will pass, i'm sure you know that. in the meantime, just veg out for a while. just be sure you're taking care of yourself!


blueviolet said...

These funks happen to all of us. Just enjoy some time off and don't do it until the mood strikes again.

I hope you just enjoy some time over the holiday week to relax. This will pass.


He & Me + 3 said...

I totally hear you. I hate when I can't figure out why I am different. So irritating. Feel better my friend.

rachel... said...

This happens to me, too. Especially about blogging. And the longer I DON'T blog the harder it is to get back into it...

Hope your funk clears soon, Mimi!

Kerri said...

Sweetie, you just described depression! No interest in things you used to love, no interest in eating, want to sleep all the time...

Could it be holiday related?
Praying it is resolved quickly!
Hugs to you!

Eyeglasses & Endzones said...

Keep resting....we will all be inside the computer waiting for you when you get back...;)

Praying that you feel better!

Amy said...

Oh no..

I hope you are okay. I think this happens when holidays start coming there is so much to do and you are not sure how to do it. I am not saying you are this way but I know that has happened for me. I try to talk a walk or at least get out of bed. I know you can do it.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

I'm sorry you're feeling in a funk. Do you think it might be holiday related? I do have to agree with Kerri's comment. In fact I was just thinking those very thoughts, even before I read it.
Anyway, there's nothing wrong with taking a break from blogging. We'll be waiting for you when you come back.
Praying for the Lord to fill your heart with His peace and joy, and bless you with a wonderful Thanksgiving that absolutely lifts your spirits.

Jenn said...

Hey... I totally understand! I know some would call what I've been going through an "existential crisis" of sorts, but I think there are seasons to things and when you don't enjoy them to the fullest, you have to reevaluate.

Selfishly, I don't want you to go away, because I will miss you, but I want you to know I'm praying and I value you as a friend no matter what!

Love ya!

Carolina said...

Oh Mimi, I'm so sorry you feel so tired. Have to say: I know exactly how you feel. Alas apart from the food thing. Still love that ;-)
Of course I don't know EXACTLY how you feel, but I can imagine it. I'm sometimes too tired to speak. Just a short sentence takes too much energy. Fortunately I know it's to do with Lyme (or post-Lyme). It's worrying that you don't know why you feel so bluuuuaahhh. Hope you feel better soon sweet Mimi. Big hug!

Joy said...

Could it be a season change thing? xoxo
Thinking and praying for you :o)

SE said...

Hope you start feeling better soon :)


SE said...

Hope you start feeling better soon :)


Queenie Jeannie said...

Big bloggy hugs honey!!!

I hope you feel like "you" really soon! Like NOW! Is NOW good for you???

You know I love you!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Stella and Pals said...

Hiya! This is Jen, Stella's Mama from Therapy Has Gone To The Dogs. I just started reading your personal blog about a half an hour ago and I must say, your little Oskar is quite right; we have a lot in common including our diagnoses!
I'm probably going to start a new blog for just me (I've had another one for years but it fell by the wayside for various reasons.) Until then, feel free to drop me a line at pastyjen AT msn DOT com.

Hope things are going well for you!