Friday, September 10, 2010

Disparate & Multifarious

Let's do some randomness for this weeks Round Robin.  The Round Robin is hosted by Amy over at Keeping Up With The Schultz Family, so go check it out!

Quizno's has another messed up commercial out. I guess it's getting people talking, but honestly based on the crap commercials their throwing out I won't be eating there any time soon.
This is even worse than the last commercial.


I guess I helpfully cut the caption off, but this said, "If Salvador Dali designed Livestock". Yep, my Cuteoverload calender makes me Lol!

Another thing that I don't understand. The site that I found this on called this the Snuggie burqua. I think that name fits. I'm pretty sure I'd rather drool on myself in public, than lay with this over my head.


Finally, I'll leave you with one of my favorite cartoons, Pearls Before Swine.

Pearls Before Swine


blueviolet said...

I hate hearing that the doctors aren't helping! It's not supposed to work that way!

Amy said...

Thanks for stopping by. THat Snazzy is pretty funny at first I thought is was something for nursing until I watched the clip.. Great joke. Thanks again..
Have a great weekend..

Michelle Faith said...

Snazzy Napper!! Lmao! Them people look like ass hats. no thanks! Whats a Nap anyway? lol