Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Paint, Birdseed, Boys, & Silence

While reading a great post over at The Parenting Myth the other day, it reminded me of something.  She mentioned how silence while the children are not sleeping is a bad thing.

That made me think of a specific moment from my boy's childhood that was quite memorable.

Awake children (about 8 & 5), silence, white paint & a 25 lb. bag of birdseed do not go together in a way that will be pleasing to a mother.  It was however, very pleasing for said 8 & 5 year old, that is until momma found them.

They had started by mixing a little birdseed in with the paint.  (To this day I still don't know how they got the paint can open.)  Then a little splashed on one of them.  By the time I found them they were coated in paint & birdseed.  I was tempted to leave them in the yard & let the robins clean them so I wouldn't have to.

I remember feelings of horror, this room will never, ever, be clean again & I will be finding birdseed for years!  Then I laughed.  I laughed until I almost peed & the terrifed look on my boy's faces was instantly replaced with glee.

Laughing is the only thing you can do in these situations & it's still a hilarious memory.  I only wish I had thought to grab the camera, but it's one of those mind pictures that I will never forget.

I love my boys & I love the crazy situations they've gotten me into over the years.  It sure has been a journey!

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slommler said...

I woke up late one morning to the sounds of silence. Two three year olds and silence?? Not a good thing. I got up quickly and I discovered them sitting in their bedroom very quietly and just looking at me. Then I saw some yellow goo running down their faces! It was in their hair and all over the floor and just everywhere. Then I realized what it was...eggs!! Raw eggs everywhere! Why? Couldn't tell me but after my initial shock, I laughed and laughed! I thought I would never get it cleaned up but I will never forget the look on their faces!! Ha!!

Emily said...

Isn't it great to look back at some of those funny "disasters"? Such wonderful memories to carry around in our hearts! Thanks for sharing one of yours with us. :)

Amy said...

Oh I love memories. I love your new profile picture you look amazing. Have a great day..

Ladybug Mama of 2 said...

I wanted to say thanks for stopping by and offering your condolences for my grandfather. He truly was a great man.

Thanks again

Carolina said...

Oh Mimi, I'd have loved to see the photos of the boys and one of your face when you first discovered how... uhm... creative they'd been ;-)

How does one clean two kids covered in paint and birdseed?