Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Turning Into My Grandmother!

Don't get me wrong I loved my little grandma, she was the single best person I've ever known & I miss her everyday.

I remember that every Sunday when she got her newspaper, she would go through the TV guide and mark all of the shows that she wanted to watch that week.  It was often something like the original Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Cheney on Bill Kennedy At The Movies, or someone she liked from the Mike Douglas show.

She also would make "her programs."  The night time shows she didn't want to miss.

I grew up with a television on in every room in the house almost & I get anxious when the house is quiet.  I have the TV on in the background most of the time if I'm not listening to music.

We usually don't keep the TV guide that comes with out paper, but since it's premier season & since I'm hopelessly addicted to TV, I saved it this week.  Just a minute ago I stopped myself after I had grabbed my hilighter, poised to mark up all the shows I can't miss.

It's understandable, really.  I mean I've watched Survivor from day one & now it's on Wednesday!  How can I be expected to remember that right away.  The Big Bang Theory has moved to Thursday, that's going to take some getting used to.

I am a television addcit and I've accepted it.  NCIS, Criminal Minds, Mad Men, The Amazing Race, The Biggest Loser!  I rest my case.

My anxieties will be somewhat relieved tomorrow when I pick up my shiny new DVR that I wrestled from the Comcast people's clutches free of charge.  Once I figure out how to operate it I'll be all set.

This story isn't pitiful and/or sad in anyway right?  Right??


theUngourmet said...

My husband works in the Cable industry and we have a tv in every room. You'd think I would be addicted, but I have to say, the only program I never miss (I record it on my DVR) is Y&R. I've watched it for years now. :)

Carolina said...

No, it isn't sad nor pityful/pitiful/whatever. We have a TV in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and even one in the bathroom, at the foot of the bath. Nothing more relaxing than lying in a warm bath, watching your favourite program ;-) Hmmmmmmmmmm

Sarah B. said...

Not sad at all! I'm so happy all my fall shows are back: House, Glee, The Office, Community, 30 Rock, etc, etc, etc :)

Rebecca Jo said...

I seriously just laughed out loud because my grandma did the same thing... & I made fun of it...


slommler said...

No! Not pitiful or sad! I am the same way!!!! I have a TV going all day and into the night as well! Don't like the quiet...drives me bonkers!
CSI, Closer, NCIS and the like...can't miss them for sure! Ha!
We have 4 TV's and they are either hooked up to cable or to satellite. Must have football you know???

Emily said...

Well, I always make a list of the shows I want to watch. I even copy the ones that come on after I go to bed so I'll be sure to get to watch them the next day! Guess that makes me a TV addict too! Enjoy that DVR but how in the world did you manage to get it free?!!!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Just don't ask me for help with the DVR!! We still have the old fashioned DVD/VHS combo model. I think Thomas was hoping it would break in the move so we could upgrade, lol!

I have a couple of shows I like, but I can't get them all here and Hulu, etc won't let you watch on the internet overseas! Isn't that WRONG??? Still, Italy is worth it. Maybe you'll have to start recording for me???