Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Me And My Family

Here are some pics that were taken at my cousin Holly's wedding last month. This was a casual reception a week after they got married, so we're dressed in regular clothes.

My grandpa with his 7 remaining siblings. (He's in the back, on the end, behind the lady with the red pants.)  There were originally 11 of them. A good Catholic Iowa farm family. They needed lots of kids to work the farm. Even with bone cancer my grandpa works my uncle's huge farm as much as he can all summer & keeps all of us in tomatoes & corn. We can the tomatoes and freeze the corn. It's so good in the middle of a long winter to taste the garden & my grandpa's love.

My parents, my boys & I. (Chris had to work.)  My mom put all her weight back on since her breast cancer. She says she lost a boob, but gained almost 100 lbs., lol!

All of us including John's girlfriend, LeighAnne.  She's just like one of our own now :)

And finally me & my baby boys.

Jack looks a little doofy in that pic, but momma loves it anyway


Amy said...

Oh how fun. I am glad you got a chance to get together with the family. How fun. I will be thinking about your son. I wish him the best of luck..

slommler said...

Great pics!! Family get-togethers are always such a blessing!!

Emily said...

You are truly blessed to have such a wonderful family! Love the picture of you and your boys! :)

Carolina said...

Aw, don't you all look great together. How wonderful that your grandfather still works at the farm.


What a precious family. You all look so very happy!