Friday, March 18, 2011

My Horrendous Couch

We are currenly saving money to redecorate our living room.  We've had this couch since the boys were little and you can see for yourself that it is horrific condition.

The back of this section is torn up and the seat is destroyed.  The footrest is wired in place and can't be put down!

The next section has the back destroyed from the dog & cats.

Let me note that this is the room where the boys hang out and we have a lovely set of furniture on what we call our sunporch, which is our main room.

So now I have to start shopping for sectional couches.  I found this one that I like.

 I think this Candice Olson rug would look great in front of it.

Jack suggested this zebra wallpaper, but I don't know if I really have the nerve for that.  I'm thinking about maybe 1 small accent wall, but it probably won't happen ;)

The last thing I would love to purchase is a lift top coffee table to complete the room.
This is going to take a lot of saving, but I enjoy looking and finding things that would work for me.  What about you, do you ever window shop online?


Amy said...

I don't really window shop online because our connection is too slow but I can sympathize with the couch issue. I have one that is very old--used when we got it 8 years ago, and it needs a makeover. It's nearly impossible to get good furniture here so I'm hesitant to throw it away because the bones are still good.

heidi said...

I don't generally window shop because it just makes me depressed and covetous. LOL We need a new couch, too - I'd love a sectional!

Ian Hawkins said...

So, have you already bought a new couch? That one looks like it went through a war zone! I think when the couch gets into that kind of condition, it’s best for everyone to either revamp it or find a new one. Torn and distressed upholsteries are more prone to those tiny nuisance like dust mites and bedbugs. So, it wouldn’t be a good idea to keep it for long.

Ian Hawkins @ Wicker Works of Brownsburg