Saturday, March 26, 2011

Project 365 - Week 13

My life through the lens un-edited & un-retouched.

Sunday, March 20 - Saturday, March 26th
Our power was randomly out most of the day on Sunday, so Chloe & Chris caught up on their reading.

Maybe this week will be pet heavy, but I was running tons of crazy errands this week and did't have time to take many pics.  I missed Monday.  Here's Oskar napping.

Mother Nature doesn't seem to have gotten the global warming memo.

I couldn't figure out why Oskar was upset at the way Chloe was sleeping, until I saw that she was napping on 2 of his toys.

I got to visit my friend Diane, from Good Mourning Glory and took this picture of the Detroit - Windsor (Canada) bridge.  Windsor is the only point in Canada that is south of the US & I lived there for a couple of years after I married my first husband who was Canadian.  This makes my boys both 1/2 Canadian, but I try not to hold it against them ;)

The boys got Chris a waffle maker for Christmas and he love making a big batch of waffles on the weekend to eat all week.  This time I made him a topping with butter, brown sugar, granola & bananas.  It rocked!

Hop on over to Sara's to see what all of the other Project 365 participants are doing.  It's not too late to join in yourself!

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The Bug said...

Oh wow that waffle looks FABULOUS! Yum!

That Oskar is so cute...

Rebecca Jo said...

Ummm... that looks like it could be the BEST waffle EVER!!!!!!!!!

(I'm hungry right now anyways so that picture didnt help)

The Cyber Hermit said...

I agree! Come to my house and make waffle topping :).

I did cat pics this week too. Love the one sitting next to Chris reading: "You are going to turn the page, aren't you?"

RaD said...

Ohhh the waffle topping does look good!

slommler said...

Oh how wonderful that you got to spend some time with Diane!!! And those waffles look sinfully delicious!!
I can see why Oscar was upset....HA!

sara said...

lots of pet pictures all around this week!!

oh those waffles look amazing!!!!


Those waffles look amazing. I could almost taste them. How did you make that delish looking topping. Care to share the recipe?

Lori: Teacher Turned Mommy said...

great pictures. those waffles look yummy

Lisa said...

We had a tiny dusting of snow here, too...not nice for the end of March!

A day of!

rita said...

Chloe is a beautiful cat!
And the waffles look like they should taste wonderful!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

I think the waffle win!


McCrakensx4 said...

your cat is too funny guarding those dog toys!! love it! That waffle looks amazingly DELISH!!

bigguysmama said...

If I could I'd take photos of my pets all the time and post them. Maybe we'll do a year focused on pets. LOL Those waffles look to die for!! YUM!