Saturday, March 5, 2011

On A Break

Mimi has been called away for a day or two, so there won't be any posting for a bit.

She'll be back as soon as she can!


slommler said...

Miss you and be well sweetie. See ya when you get back!
PS Who knows...first commentator could win??!! Ha!

Amy said...

Okay.. Sending my hugs.. Will be here when she gets back..

writergirldreams said...

Hi Mimi, thank you for all your sweet comments and Miminess on my blog. I hope you are off practicing bliss and seeking joy. Some days you gotta look real hard baby, but it's always there. Hug hug to you. and yes, I forgot, I did say prayers for you. Right now too. Dear Lord, Mimi. Amen. Simple as that. I said your name out loud in prayer. You are on my list now girl. Help is on the way. writergirl

Carolina said...

Hope you're okay Mimi and that you are on the left side of the bipolar image :)