Sunday, November 30, 2008

What's That I Smell Burning?

I have to tell you that I have a love/hate relationship with candles. I love being able to reflect my mood in a wonderful scent. Around Thanksgiving I want to have pumpkin pie spice scenting my house, without actually having to make a pie. Early fall should be apple cinnamon scented. Obviously Christmastime brings out the woodsy pine or the comforting smell of gingerbread.

My problem is that I live in a house with 2 teenage boys and 2 cats. The boys know better than to mess with the candles, but who’s to say that a stray sock thrown at one’s brother won’t knock over a candle. And my cats…well they’re just plain bad news with candles. We have had a couple of unfortunate incidents with melted whiskers that my cats prefer not to be reminded of.

My problem was solved when I found
Scentsy. These are amazing wickless waxes that burn over a small light. Since it’s plugged in as opposed to lit with a match there’s no risk of fire. No chance of burning little fingers (or whiskers)!

My go to winter scent is spruceberry, and I always keep grapefruit blossom on hand for a great pick me up.

These make really great gifts for the elderly too. I’ve gotten a couple already for stocking stuffers for my grandma. Her hands are shaky so she has trouble lighting the wick on regular candles. She also worries that her forgetfulness will lead to a fire. I went & picked out a black weave plug in warmer and some sugar cookie Scentsy bars & my shopping for her is done.

Let’s share tips.
Scentsy has gifts that I know I can always count on. What are some great products that you automatically think of when gift giving?


He And Me + 3 said...

Those sound awesome...I totally love candles. I either think candles for gifts or picture frames. I love unique picture frames.

Denise said...

I love candles too...and always change them up with the seasons or when I want to change my mood. But since my littles ones were born I dont burn them as often. I will have to check out those Scentsy...its a great idea.

Thanks for stopping by my blog to help celebrate my birthday. It really made me happy when I got home this afternoon and saw all the comments (even if I begged). I hope someday I can do something to help make your day special :-)

Jenn said...

Hey!! I can't email you from work, but I'm almost finished with what you've asked! I'm SO SO SO SORRY that's it's taken me so long!!! I'll get it emailed to you today!!! Blessings!!!