Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I used to love to spend hours wrapping my presents beautifully. Special bows, gift tags cut out by hand, etc. Then I got my cats. Bows & gift tags would be scattered around the house every morning leaving me to shake & try to figure out what was in each wrapped package so I could replace the tags. Of course this would start all over the next day.

Finally I decided to get 4 different papers every year for my 2 sons. One wrapping paper was for all of JD's presents from mom. One wrapping paper was for all of JD's presents from Santa. Same thing for Jack. This made Christmas morning easier so I could seperate the packages quickly & easily without having to worry about finding the right tags for the right kid.

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Rebecca said...

I remember growing up that my parents always had special wrapping paper for santa's presents.

Great tip!

Happy Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping over and seeing me! I remember we had to do the same thing kinda. I had one roll of paper that was Santa paper and then I would hide that away so they wouldn't ever see it. In a way, I'm glad all of that is behind me but then again, I miss all the magic.

Jennifer said...

Yes! I like to do different wapping paper from Santa (I try to get paper w/ Santas on it!).

I must say though that I don't like wrappig b/c I'm not good at it!