Friday, December 12, 2008

This Counts As News???

A "headline" from my Comcast home page:
'Full House' Star Drops 22 Pounds

Nothing agains Candace Cameron, but this is a woman who was in a show that went off the air 13 years ago! Really?


Lana said...

Hi. Found you through BSU.

22 pounds and she gets headlines? Good grief! I've dropped 30! Can I have a star on the sidewalks of Hollywood now? Lol! ☺

Stesha said...

Well if you think that is something. The girl who played her younger sister, Stephanie I think was the character's name, was in people magazine for getting a divorce.

He And Me + 3 said...

I didn't know that. Good for her. She looks awesome! Maybe she is trying to make a come back now that her kids are older? Yes? No?
I do like her though, she is a Christian and Kirk Cameron's sister. Just found that out about a month ago. I am sure everyone else already knew that bit of info.
Size Zero...i think I wore that in like 5th grade. Ugh!

Rachael said...

Not only that, but 22 lbs? I mean, good for her, but there are a lot of people who have worked really hard to actually lose a lot more from that and get healthy.

Kat said...

Cover story for US magazine too - geez just think what we all could do - I've slipped a little but I'm still between 38 and 40 lbs gone (depending on the day) And I think I've got 22 YEARS on her (if not more).