Monday, April 6, 2009

Musical Monday

This is an Randy Travis song that Carrie Underwood has started singing. When he heard her sing it, he told her the song was hers. He thought her version was that good.

Even if you're not big on country music, give it a listen. Randy & Carrie sang it as a duet on American Idol. I love the look on Randy's face as he watches her singing her parts, she kills it.

When you end up liking this song, I'll say "I Told You So".

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Diane said...

i know this song because my mom always listened to country when i was growing up.

i've always liked the lyrics. and she really does just blow this song completely out of the water!

i'm really digging how he's getting off on her totally hitting it just the way it was meant to be done. very cool to see him experience his art in a whole different light.

i tried writing my comment listening/watching at the same time. but i couldn't. i was really drawn to the song and the performance.

ok, i suppose i gotta quit bashing american idol now....?

Amy said...

I was in awe of her perfomance of this on great! I knew the song from way back when so when I sang along and knew every word, my girls were intrigued. HAHA!

Happy Monday! :D

Shanda said...

I loved how she was so gracious and clapped for him with the audience a couple of times! You are right; she kills it! I'm not a huge county music fan, but that was awesome!

Anonymous said...

She's got killer talent. How sweet to see genuine appreciation between artists.

Valerie said...

I have always loved this song. I seen it on American Idol and I love how Carrie sings it. It is beautiful. Good choice!

Robin said...

I'm not much of a country music fan but Carrie does have an amazing voice!
Happy MM!!!

jori-o said...

Carrie Underwood is so classy! And this is a great version.

Amy said...

Oh I love this song. She does a great job with it. She won big last night a ACMA. Yeah to her. Thanks for coming by today.

I am having a Round Robin on Friday April 10th you can share an idea if you would like.