Monday, January 5, 2009

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After laughing along at with my friend Mimi on Not Me Monday, I decided to play along.

It was totally not me who was rushing my hubby & kids out the door this morning so I could have my house back after vacation.

It was not me who ignored the dishes, laundry & construction mess to take a long, hot, soak in my new tub after they left.

It was not me who chastised my husband for not getting his clothes ready last night so he wasn't running around like a chicken with his head cut off this morning, when I was totally not trying to get him out of my house.

It was not me who burst out laughing when I made the crude remark "I'll be helping Chris (my hubby) screw" in front of my teenage sons, possibly causing them to need therapy.

It was also not me who laughed when I ended up punting one of my kitties who didn't get out of my way fast enough. No animal lover would laugh at that.

It was not me who pouted a little bit last night because I didn't get to spend any quality time with my hubby on his last weekend of vacation. No one who's husband was working his hardest trying to give his wife a beautiful new bathroom would be selfish enough to pout about something about that.

Anything you didn't do that you care to share?

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Lapa37 said...

It was not me who went to bed to late and had a hard time getting up this morning on time.
Is that how it's played? lol

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Anonymous said...

I hope you thoroughly enjoy your day alone today!

Named Alicia said...

Nope, I would never pout over not getting to spend time with hubby either. or fuss at the cat or the kid. Nope never. Not me. And I particularly did not do it this morning :o)

Take care my friend!
Hope you enjoy your day!

Domestically Disabled Girl said...

ENJOY YOUR DAY!! For all of us, enjoy, enjoy!! Lucky woman with the bathroom too!

Cathy said...

Yippee for school! Loved the comment about "helping your husband screw"....too funny!

He And Me + 3 said...

Those were so good Pam! You got the hang of it! I totally was the same way this morning. i will be even more happy tomorrow when the K man is at school. LOl
Let's get together soon! I want to work on a blog post for your devotional blog too. I haven't forgotten. I promise:)

Jennifer said...

Yay--I'm glad you got to try out the new tub!!

We're big on the "screw" jokes here too!

wendy said...

It's not me who is spending ALL DAY on her day off with a sick child reading blogs!!

Thanks for visiting my blog today!

Ronnica said...

I can't believe you mentioned that in front of your sons! My brother and I would blush if we would see our parents kiss!

tara @ kidz said...

LOL! Your sons very well need therapy! ;O)