Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday


It was not me who fell asleep while eating Milk Duds on our fold out couch. It is also not me who was "found out" when her family noticed carmel stuck to the rear of her sweatpants & on the quilt I was laying on. Anyone know how to get carmel out of material. Not that I need to know!

It was not me who whined all Friday about having to start college classes Saturday morning, only to have a great time on Saturday & then decide maybe I should pursue a further degree. It has not been me who has taken 5 years to get a 2 year degree.

It was not me who let my sons off the hook when it came to cleaning their rooms, because I just didn't have it in me to care anymore.

There is no way I got up & drove to the bank & library this morning only to find them closed for MLK day. I would know it's a national holiday since my kids are home from school today!

I did not start crying when I was typing a forum message about my dream for 2009 being to feel happy on a regular basis. Depression robs people of their happiness, I am not gonna be that person anymore! (for reals)

Dang it, I also didn't burn the last 3 pieces of bacon that I was using to make my sons lunch. There's no way I would burn them because I was typing this blog post!

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Oh Boy...Oh Boy...Oh Boy said...

great NMM list!! And at least you knew your kids didn't have school, I came dangerously close to messing that one uo.

He And Me + 3 said...

Pam, you are cracking me up. You braved this cold to go to places that were closed. BAAAAAAAHAAAAA! I am not laughing at you, only laughing with you. You are laughing right?

Alicia, The Snowflake said...

Oh too funny! Thanks for checking on the library for me. I really appreciate it. I mean I was not going to go there today either. Oh well, I guess that book will have to wait until tomorrow!

Diane said...

aawwww, milk dud butt, don't get discouraged! (lmao)

i also did NOT take that long to get my degree either! so, don't worry about it! (it's our journey that matters most, not our destination.)

and that same piece of truth holds true for you 09 goals! so, even though depression robs people's happiness, so can trying to rush into anything, or even without realizing, predetermining what it is that you think should happen. just live you life and love yourself. everything else falls into place, i think. easier said than done, i know. but we just gotta try. every day.


Joy in the Burbs... said...

When I was setting up my facebook account the other day. I left my lunch on the burner on the stove. ( for just a minute...) The house got all smokey and the fire alarm went off. Our monitoring service called to say they were sending the fire truck. I was able to let them know not to come and it was ok. I couldn't believe I did that.
These computers are going to kill us.
It's the computers fault... Really.


Jane Anne said...

I finally stopped stressing about getting something in the mail b/c I finally remember that the mail does not run today.
If I had loaded up my kids to go the bank and library today, I would have gone straight to the nearest starbucks drive-through (which sadly is about 20 minutes away!!). I KNOW they are open. :)

B said...

Love the caramel on the rear bit.

Pam said...

I'm laughing so hard thinking of you driving to the bank and library only to find them closed! That is sooo ME! Load the kids up and just can't figure out why no one's there. That would be me.

And the not caring anymore about them cleaning their rooms. I was JUST there with mine. I finally just shoveled it all out of the way and threw them in bed. Not literally, mind you. That would be bad parenting:-)